Nut 'n' Butter Studio
boutique, funky, analog and digital production house

Nut 'n' Butter Studio is owned and operated by Michael and Rebekah Wheatley and has been open since January 2009. The concept behind the studio is to provide a warm, inviting and relaxed space to enhance creativity and capture the best from any artist. We care about every project that comes through the doors and are prepared to go the extra mile to make sure every one is happy with the finished product and the ever present budget isn't blown.
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Custom built by Perfect Imperfection the studio includes 3 rooms. The control room and live room are both floating, isolated and fully airconditioned, with the band room external. All three rooms have windows for maximum visibility and are linked digitally (USB, CAT5, VGA) as well as by traditional analog multicore with a variety of monitoring options available.
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We offer 1/2 inch 16 track tape recording and or multitrack to hard drive using a Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56 interface and the award winning Cubase 5 with a massive array of plugins and soft synths. There is also the option to easily patch into our existing setup with your own laptop/computer/sound card.

We are very lucky to have an amazing collection of classic, rare and quirky vintage equipment, mics and instruments and fast gaining a reputation for pulling unique and expressive sounds.
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On top of tracking and mixing services we can provide songwriting, production, and complete band backing for solo artists, live or programmed. We also offer singing lessons with seasoned vocal legend Bek Jensen (AIM, TAFE, MacDonald College).
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Clients to date include...
Dr Don Don
Davidson Ospina
Eric Kupper
Katherine Ellis
Oxford Sound Hustlers
Shauna Jensen
Wayne G
The Ray Mann 3
Luke Dickens
Merenia Gillies
Fatback 4way
Betty Vale
Candy Royalle
Mobile Active
Jeff Duff
Lily So & The Bellows
The Acca Daiquiris
Paula Baxter
Opera Bar
Beth Yen
Gerard Masters
Robert Susz
Rob Edwards
Cavan Te
Marcus Rivera
Lady Cool
The Kumpnee
The After Party Band
Big Blind Ray
Simon Meli & The Widowbirds
Rachel Maria Cox
Edema Ruh
Riff MC
Stae Advanced
Brett Hunt
Underscore Orchestra
The Runaway Houses
The JHD Revival Band

and many more...
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We are located in Marrickville, Sydney, Australia.

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ring- +61 412 787 742 and speak direct with Michael.

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